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Mustang Projects

“Minuteman”   44-73163

Doug and Randy Kempf own this Mustang. We did the wings for it in 2005. The brothers are doing much of the restoration themselves.

Marinell”  44-13521


Maurice Hammond of the United Kingdom (UK) is the owner of this beautiful P51 Mustang.  In 2006, we rebuilt his wings, flaps, ailerons, and engine mount, which where then shipped to the UK for Maurice to finish the restoration of his aircraft. His first flight of “Marinell” happened on July 26, 2008.  This is the second P-51 Mustang that Maurice has rebuilt, his first one being  “Janie”.

“Marinell’s” First Flight  video


“Live Bait”  44-73343


Jon Vesely of  Scottsdale, AZ is the proud owner of “Live Bait”. In 2005, we rebuilt the wings and engine mount, then shipped them to Midwest Aero Restorations to finish the aircraft restoration. On July 18 2010 “Live Bait” had its first flight. Only days later, it went to Oshkosh and won the Reserve Grand Champion award.

“Happy Jacks Go Buggy”  44-74452


“Happy Jacks Go Buggy” is an award winning Mustang. We rebuilt the wings and the engine mount for Bruce Winters of Texas in 2006. We then shipped them to Midwest Aero Restorations to finish the aircraft restoration.  In 2008 it flew for the first time and went to Oshkosh, winning the Grand Champion award.

 “Happy Jacks Go Buggy” video


“Moonbeam McSwine”  44-12473


Vlado Lenoch of LaGrange, IL owns this airplane.  In early 2008, we rebuilt the wings and engine mount for him and sent them to Tab-Air to finish the aircraft restoration. “Moonbeam McSwine” is a regular at airshows and also flies with the United States Air Force Flight program.

“Mormon Mustang”  67-22579


John Bagley of Rexburg, ID is the owner of this P-51 Mustang. In 2006, John had a forced landing on the highway median in Rexburg, due to an engine failure. He walked away with minor injuries, but a heavily damaged airplane. We rebuilt his wings in 2007, and in June 2009, the Mustang was airworthy once again.


“Little Rebel”  45-11495

This airplane is owned by Bob Baker of Alva, OK and is the third Mustang he has restored. The first one was “Oklahoma Miss”  in 2000, and the second one was “Sweet and Lovely” in 2003.  When he decided to do another Mustang, it came easily to which one, “Little Rebel”. The history of “Sweet and Lovely” and “Little Rebel” is quite fascinating. During WWII, twin brothers, Buck and Bill Pattillo flew these P-51  Mustangs in the war.  With the pilots already in their 80’s, Bob raced to get “Little Rebel” done and to reunite the aircraft with Buck Pattillo. In 2008, we rebuilt the wings, flaps, ailerons, and engine mount. In March 2009, Bob Baker picked up his wings and components and after many late nights, was able to fly “Little Rebel” to Oshkosh. There, the Pattillo brothers  saw their aircrafts, “Sweet and Lovely” and “Little Rebel” once again, almost 65 years later.  Bob Baker won the Best P-51 award in 2009 for his beautiful work and won Returning Best of Class in 2010 with “Little Rebel”.

Behind the Journey- Bob Bakers P-51 Mustang Restorations  video
Brotherhood- Journey Home for the Pattillo Aces video
Two P-51 pilots reunite with their warbirds article on the American Flyers website.


“Tuskegee Airmen”  42-103645

The Commemorative Air Force (CAF), based out of St. Paul, MN, owns this aircraft. In 2001, restoration was done on this beauty. Odegaard Aviation did the wings and Tri-State Aviation of  Wahpeton, ND, completely restored this aircraft. On May 10, 2001, Bob Odegaard did the first flight, which was just about perfect.  Then, tragically on May 30th 2004, the airplane had mechanical problems during an airshow and crashed, taking the life of the pilot, Don Hinz.  The CAF started restoring the aircraft before the end of  that year, wanting to keep Don’s dream alive. In 2008, we rebuilt the wings, engine mount and flaps. The components were taken down to Tri-State Aviation and they completed the restoration of  the “Tuskegee Airmen”. In May 2009, it returned to the air.

To read more about the Tuskegee airmen that this Mustang is a tribute to, click here.

“Precious Metal II”  N8082U

In 2008 we rebuilt the wings, flaps and ailerons. It is currently under restoration at Tri-State Aviation.

“Twilight Tear”  44-63864

 Ron Fagen of Granite Falls, MN is the proud owner of this Mustang.  In 2007 and 2008 we rebuilt his wings, flaps, ailerons, clamshell doors and engine mount. 

“Lou IV”  44-63350

Terry Dieno is in the process of restoring this aircraft. We rebuilt his wings, flaps, and ailerons in 2009-2010. We hope to see “Lou IV” back in the air soon.

“Passion Wagon” 44-63577

We worked on this project for John Turgyan in 2011 by rebuilding its wings, flaps, ailerons and engine mounts. John sold his project Jon Vesely in 2012. Midwest Aero Restorations restored it as “Was That Too Fast”.  This aircraft won Grand Champion Post WWII at Oshkosh Air venture in 2013.

“Toulouse Nuts”  44-84655


We finished rebuilding the wings, flaps, ailerons for Mark Timken in 2012. Mark sold the project to Collings Foundation and has been fully restored by American Aero Services.  This TF-51D won the Grand Champion award in restoration at Oshkosh in 2016.

Here is the link to learn more about the background of this beautiful aircraft:

Photo credit:  Mike Ligosh


“Kansas City Kitty”  44-64122

“Kansas City Kitty” belongs to Wes Stricker of Jefferson City, MO. We rebuilt the wings and engine mount in 2012.

“Frances Dell”  44-13903JP 

IMG_2037 IMG_2039

“Frances Dell” is owned by CP Air LLC in Broomfield, CO. We rebuilt the wings, engine mount, flaps and ailerons in 2012-2013.  This aircraft was fully restored by Midwest Aero Restorations.


This project was owned by Meryl and Darryl Shawver of Mesa, AZ

In 2013 we rebuilt wings, ailerons, flaps and engine mount. The Project was sold to Francis Butler of Fargo, ND and is currently being restored.


This project is owned by Centerline Holdings.  In 2013 we finished rebuilding the Wings, flaps and ailerons.


  1. Allen Graulich
    Mar 4 2016

    I am wondering the cost of a scratch built set of wings, and an engine mount for a P51 D Mustang. I am considering building a P51 D from scratch, and figured the wings and engine mount should be purchased due to the incredible amount of precision required.
    Thank you,
    Allen Graulich

    • admin
      Mar 8 2016

      Hi Allen,

      Thank you for your inquiry. Quotes for the wings and engine mount are as follows:
      Wings – $160,000 per wing, which does not include the bolt-on fittings, ammo doors, gear doors, fuel stress doors, gun doors, and landing gear castings. All of these items are available for an additional cost.
      Engine Mount – $16,500 for each side frame, $6500 for the frame assembly engine mount canted.

      Any questions, please feel free to give us a call, 701-428-3457, and ask for Brent.


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