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Some time in 1989, Robert ‘Bob’ Odegaard started rebuilding his first P-51 Mustang, Dazzling Donna. In the process of rebuilding the wings, he realized he would need to make some of his own parts because of the dwindling supply available. Even the parts available for purchase had patches on patches at times, making it obvious that there was a need for something better. So he began building ribs. This was the beginning of the Mustang wing business that has been operating ever since. Some of the Mustang wings that passed through the building during the time it was Odegaard Aviation are: “Dazzling Donna”, “Saturday Night Special”, “City of Winnipeg”, “Lou IV”, “Little Horse”, “Dakota Kid”, “Mad Max”, “Millie G”, “Oklahoma Miss”, “Red Dog”, “Janie”, “Miss Venna”,” Boomer”, CAF Redtail, “Sweet and Lovely” and the A Model, “Precious Metal”.

In 2004, Bob sold the business to Brent Meester, an employee of Odegaard Aviation. The name was then changed to Odegaard Wings, Inc. In addition to wings for the P-51 Mustang, the team rebuilds flaps, ailerons, engine mounts, stress doors, and many of the doors that are part of the landing gear and ammo/gunbay areas. In 2010, rebuilding Corsair aft fuselage sections was added to the project list, with one project quickly turning into six.

'Lope's Hope 3rd' Wings

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