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“Little Rebel” 45-11495

This airplane is owned by Bob Baker of Alva, OK and is the third Mustang he has restored. The first one was “Oklahoma Miss”  in 2000, and the second one was “Sweet and Lovely” in 2003.  When he decided to do another Mustang, it came easily to which one, “Little Rebel”. The history of “Sweet and Lovely” and “Little Rebel” is quite fascinating. During WWII, twin brothers, Buck and Bill Pattillo flew these P-51  Mustangs in the war.  With the pilots already in their 80’s, Bob raced to get “Little Rebel” done and to reunite the aircraft with Buck Pattillo. In 2008, we rebuilt the wings, flaps, ailerons, and engine mount. In March 2009, Bob Baker picked up his wings and components and after many late nights, was able to fly “Little Rebel” to Oshkosh. There, the Pattillo brothers  saw their aircrafts, “Sweet and Lovely” and “Little Rebel” once again, almost 65 years later.  Bob Baker won the Best P-51 award in 2009 for his beautiful work and won Returning Best of Class in 2010 with “Little Rebel”.


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